The difference between disinfection lamps

The difference between cold cathode UV disinfection lamps and hot cathode UV disinfection lamps

1. The light-emitting principle of cold cathode and hot cathode is different

Glow discharge of cold cathode compared to arc discharge of hot cathode:

Glow discharge uses positive ions to bombard high-purity metal cathodes to generate secondary electrons to maintain discharge. The cathode current is mainly contributed by positive ions, the current is small, and the cathode is cold, so it is named "cold cathode";

In hot cathode arc discharge, the cathode current is mainly provided by thermionic emission of electron powder coated on the cathode surface, and the current is much larger, reaching 600-700 mA. The cathode is hot, hence the name "hot cathode".

2. The material, process and description of cold cathode and hot cathode are different

Hot cathode UV lamps use a tungsten filament as the cathode body, and its surface is coated with a low work function metal oxide. During the working life of the hot cathode UV lamp, the oxide has the problem of chemical and electrochemical "poisoning", so the life of the lamp is generally only more than 4000 hours. However, the cathode of the energy wave cold cathode ultraviolet lamp is made of pure metal sheet, and there is no poisoning problem, so its life is 5 to 10 times longer than that of the hot cathode lamp, which can reach more than 20,000 hours.

3. The radiation intensity of cold cathode and hot cathode is different

Ordinary ultraviolet lamps and new lamps are qualified if the radiation intensity is greater than 90uW/cm. The radiation intensity of cold cathode ultraviolet disinfection lamps is above 200uW/cm, which is generally more than 2 times that of hot cathode disinfection lamps.

4. Different shapes of cold cathode and hot cathode

Cold cathode ultraviolet lamps are much smaller in size than hot cathode ultraviolet lamps, especially if the diameter of the lamp tube is small, it can be processed into special-shaped lamps such as U-shaped, straight-shaped, O-shaped or coiled. The uses are also diversified, mobile phone disinfection boxes, toothbrush disinfection boxes, disinfection bags and other portable sterilizers.

5. The energy consumption of cold cathode and hot cathode is different

Because the current of the cold cathode is small and direct current can be used, under the condition of the same sterilization effect, the cold cathode saves more energy than the hot cathode!

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