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The new portable pacifier sterilizer from lampda

Many people are still stuck in the high-temperature sterilization method, but did you know?
Most PP bottles are not suitable for high temperature sterilization, and glass bottles are easily cracked when they encounter high temperature.
In order to meet the market demand, lampda has developed a portable and rechargeable UV pacifier sterilizer with high power LED disinfection light beads, which can kill 99.99% of bacteria by simply taking the pacifier off the top of the bottle and putting it into the sterilization box, closing the lid for 3 minutes. Open the lid midway to automatically suspend disinfection and protect people from UV rays.

UVC sterilization technology
Based on modern epidemic prevention, medical science and photodynamics No added substances; direct hit bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens, from the root cause to disinfection purposes.

UVC disinfection more scientific
LED deep ultraviolet through physical destruction of germ DNA or RNA, almost all bacteria, 90% of the disinfection cupboard and medical institutions on the market are using traditional UV disinfection technology, and LED UV disinfection: is based on this upgrade technology, has been maturely applied to the field of aerospace technology, sterilization effect is stronger.


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Pacifier Sterilizer