UV Sterilizer Bag

Min. Order : 1 Pieces

Payment Type : L/C,T/T,Money Gram,Western Union

Incoterm : FOB,CFR,CIF

Delivery Time : 3 Days

1-100 Pieces : $ 23.81

100-500 Pieces : $ 22.89

500-1000 Pieces : $ 20.69

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Power supply
Micro USB
Working voltage
Working current
Working Power
Switch mode
Magnetic control switch
Sterilization method
UVC sterilization
Light source
LED UVC light
LED quantity
UVC wavelength
Sterilization time
5 minutes


1.  Open the sterilization bag and put in the items that need to be sterilized;

2.  Close the lid and start UV sterilization. The indicator light is blue, start UV sterilization,will  stop working after 5 minutes;

3.  Close the bag,connect the USB cable to the charging port,the buzzer will ring once short,and the button light will be on,press the button switch for 3seconds,the sterilization bag will start to sterilize for 5 minutes,after 5 minutes the UVC light will be off,the buzzer will ring 3 times;

4.  During the sterilization process, if the upper cover is opened, UVC sterilization will automatically stop;

5.  If there is no operation when the sterilization bag is covered, the system will automatically standby after the button light on 3 minutes.

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UV Sterilizer Bag